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Financing Options

From business loans to credit card processing, Advanced Financial Services works to save your company money and help it succeed. We offer financing for businesses, as well as many essential services that keep businesses up and running each day.

Financing Options

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Financing and Other Services for Businesses

Advanced Financial Services offers a variety of financing options and other services for businesses. From loans to payment processing, the services we offer aim to benefit your company and ensure its success. We provide these services to businesses in Seattle and nationwide.

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Invoice Factoring (Receivable Factoring)

Whether you work in the trucking or janitorial industry, our invoice factoring services can benefit your company. With our services, you can expect to receive between 80% to 95% of a payment after completing a job in only a few days, with the rest being paid to you soon after.

We charge a 1.5% to 2% fee. We verify all invoices before cashing them. Cash flow is based strictly on what an invoice shows. This is a 36-month term with an annual APR.

Business Financing

When your business is in need of a loan, turn to us. We offer a number of different financing options for customers, including traditional loans, merchant cash advances, and secured, collateral, and non-collateral loans. The traditional loans feature 36-, 60-, and 100-month terms with an APR. The merchant cash advances feature 5- to 15-month terms. Four months' worth of bank deposits and credit card receipts are required to qualify for a merchant cash advance.

We also offer equipment financing loans, which are purchase orders or invoices for equipment a company buys. It is a term loan where we fund the equipment company and you pay the monthly loan payment.

Each loan is based on the revenue your business brings in and not on credit. We typically loan out between 100% and 300% of what a business brings in each month.

Credit and Debit Card Processing

Reduce costs and increase profits with our credit and debit card processing services. We offer processing terminals to businesses, allowing them to easily process customers' transactions. Terminals include mobile phone add-ons, credit card machines, and point-of-sale (POS) systems. The terminals feature patented software that is installed to help calculate surcharges beneath 4% in order to comply with federal regulations passed in 2010.

We offer a free, no-hassle comparison of rates, so you can make the right choice when selecting a processing terminal. Since we are a direct processor, we offer more competitive rates than most banks. In addition, we offer a free, no-obligation cost assessment and proposal. You'll receive a free processing terminal upon agreeing to do business with us.

Our most popular processing terminal, a discreet POS system, is on an iPad-type product. When a customer swipes their card, it records the identity of the person making the transaction. This allows us to easily resolve any issues with stolen credit or debit cards.

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Using ATM Machine

ATM Sales and Service

Having an ATM in your store boosts revenue. It generates a continuous revenue stream since customers use them often. You can expect to earn between $1.25 to $3.00 each time a customer makes a transaction.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Develop close and long-lasting relationships with your customers with a customer loyalty program. With this type of program, customers can sign up for emails that alert them about upcoming sales and promotions. When they receive a certain amount of points, they can receive rewards. Rewards can typically be redeemed by scanning a QR code that appears at the bottom of a receipt.

The program encourages your customers to visit your store regularly in order to redeem their points. You'll benefit from the regular business and in turn, customers will be rewarded.

Business Lines of Credit

A business line of credit serves as a safety net. When a company needs to expand or purchase new equipment, they will have funds available to them. Many businesses have lines of credit and we recommend that you take advantage of this service as well.

About Us

Advanced Financial Services specializes in business financing for companies in Seattle and nationwide. We offer many different financing options for customers in order to help their businesses succeed. Our staff heavily markets to customers in need of financial services.

Founded in May of 2014, we are headed by a financial consultant with 7 years of industry experience. His mission is to assist companies in their quest for financial strength. He puts their interests first in order to meet their specific needs and ensure their overall success. He and his company would welcome the opportunity to be of service to your business, so get in touch with us to learn how we can assist you with financing.
It is our mission to achieve what's in the best interest of our clients. Our business is the business of service and we are dedicated to assisting your company in its quest for Financial Strength. Allow us to be of service to you. Allow us to earn your business today and tomorrow.

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